Tea Party Plans to Dump Rubio Overboard

“[Marco] Rubio lost his own people and he doesn’t even realize it.  He’s not going to make it past his primary as senator, let alone president. He’s in for a big surprise. … He might as well switch parties right now.  He’s done.”

Juan Fiol, a Miami Republican who volunteered for Rubio in 2010, and now feels like a betrayed, silly “fiol.”

I think comprehensive immigration reform is dead, and Rubio’s 2016 chances might be as well.  Of course, the man is a shameless, unprincipled flip-flopper, so we probably shouldn’t count him out.  Who are we going to believe a couple of years from now, the Rubio who will deny he ever sponsored the Senate bill or our lying eyes watching video of his doing just that?

For more Tea Party grousing against Rubio, see “Marco Rubio Spurned by Original Tea Party Supporters Over Immigration,” Patricia Murphy, The Daily Beast.

2 comments on “Tea Party Plans to Dump Rubio Overboard

  1. danielfee says:

    Rubio has always been a shameless, unprincipled flip-flopper. They just didn’t pay attention to his record when he was in the Florida legislature. The Tea Party nut jobs were going to support anybody who was not Charlie Crist because Charlie committed the unforgivable sin of appearing on a stage with Obama. I think the Tea Party should push for Alan West, then the Democrats can win the seat.

    • csarbww says:

      If the Deomcraps win the seat it will be no loss because Rubio is a lying sack of s… He does not even have the enough class to go away. Now he is going to run around supporting every conservative issue (except defeating amnesty) pretending that he is still a conservative. And trying to get enough gullible, naïve political helophytes to salvage his political career.

      And if he gets enough dumb voters to support him than the conservatives, Tea Party will deserve to die from sheer stupidity. Amnesty destroys every thing. Forget the 2nd Amendment, forget stopping abortion, gay marriage, Obama care etc. Amnesty will very soon overwhelm and destroy every conservative issue and politician as soon as tens of millions of illegal aliens (unregistered democrats) are allowed to vote. And Rubio has pushed mightily to shove though the political suicide of amnesty. Anybody who thinks whatever else he may do is ok is really naïve. AMNESTY IS DEATH FOR AMERICAN AND THE WHOLE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT AND RUBIO HAS GONE ALL OUT FOR NATION KILLING AMNESTY.

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