The Phony IRS Scandal

Dems on the House Oversight Committee have released transcripts showing that an IRS manager in Cincinnati — who refers to himself as a conservative Republican — is the one who came up with the idea of centralizing Tea Party-type applications for review.  I think centralize is a better word for what happened than “targeting,” with its perjorative connotation.  It makes sense to centralize similar applications to make sure that you are processing them consistently, and that’s exactly what the manager says he was doing.

He also says that the White House wasn’t involved.

Some IRS officials in Washington became involved as well after the Cincinnati guy originated his centralized reviews, but there’s no evidence that they weren’t trying to find fair criteria to judge how much of these groups’ activities was political and not “general welfare” to determine if they deserved a tax exemption as 501(c)(4) groups.

But Darrell Issa’s attempts to portray a White House going after its “enemies” as Richard Nixon tried to do seems exaggerated and misguided.

I was angry at the White House for initially acquiescing right away that there was an IRS “scandal” here at all and for accepting the term “targeting” of Tea Party groups.  Centralizing is not targeting.

2 comments on “The Phony IRS Scandal

  1. danielfee says:

    Issa strikes out again! But what else would you expect from a con-man that ran for Congress.

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