They Can’t Just Take the Gift

You’d think the Tea Party folks would just take the gift-wrapped IRS bias scandal and exploit it for all it’s worth, which is a lot actually.

But noooooooo, because they’re crazy, they have to over-reach.

Michele Bachmann is running around saying that because the IRS is involved in Obamacare (they will administer the monetary penalties for those who choose not to buy health insurance), the IRS is going to delay or deny health care itself to conservatives.  So they’re not just giving your group a hard time about getting a tax exemption, they’re going to kill you!

And so the tide turns back against them because they can’t resist one-upping the IRS on being outrageous.

2 comments on “They Can’t Just Take the Gift

  1. momshieb says:

    I wish the tide would turn against them. All this administration defensiveness is just not helping……

  2. TAO says:

    “the IRS is going to delay or deny health care itself to conservatives”

    But wouldn’t that be what they wanted, and seem to continue to want, based on all the repeal votes they keep having – something like 39 or so now to repeal the Act?

    Just being snarky because conspiracy theories drive me nuts.

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