MOPping Up in Iran

The Defense Department has upgraded its “bunker buster” bombs to the point that it is confident we would not just damage, but destroy Iran’s underground nuclear complex at Fordow. *  These 30,000 pound bombs are Massive Ordnance Penetrators (MOPs).

We have shared video with the Israelis to convince them that we can now destroy the site .  Israel could merely damage the complex, probably setting Iran back a couple of years or so.  Israel doesn’t have MOPs or the aircraft to deliver them.

The main issue with Israel is not convincing them we can destroy Fordow, but that we will.

Our intention is to wait until after Iran’s elections in June, to see if they will lead to diplomatic progress.  I don’t see the point of this — it’s not as if the elections will be free and fair, they will be fixed just like previous elections.  I don’t see what’s going to change.

The MOPs would also be very useful against North Korea.  I’m not looking for war, but neither Iran nor North Korea is looking for peace.  We never should have allowed North Korea to get nuclear weapons, and we can’t allow Iran.

“U. S. bulks Up to Combat Iran,” Adam Entous and Julian E. Barnes, WSJ


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