FBI Hunting Sleeper Cell

The FBI is searching for a “sleeper cell” of a dozen terrorists whom they believe have ties to the Tsarnaev brothers.

A team of FBI and CIA interrogators are in Boston waiting to question Dzhokhar Tsernaev, who has a throat wound and can’t talk.

A source involved in the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombings last Monday claims “We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone.  The devices used to detonate the bombs were highly sophisticated….”


3 comments on “FBI Hunting Sleeper Cell

  1. I know, I was thinking the same thing.

  2. momshieb says:

    Um. So where is the usual claim of responsibility? And did Dzhokar join the “sleeper cell” when he was nine, and came to the US?
    Here is my theory: Older brother was unhappy, probably disaffected, and became mentally ill. Major psychosis, anyone?
    I guess we will never know, will we?

    • But I don’t think Tamerlan was just mentally ill like, say, Adam Lanza. I think there is radical Islam stuff going on here. It sounds as if Tamerlan became radicalized in the last few years.

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