Cruz Admits Background Checks Won’t Create Gun Registry

As the Manchin-Toomey bill for broader (not universal) background checks for gun sales appears headed for defeat, Sen. Ted Cruz  (Tea Party-Texas) admits that the bill wouldn’t create a federal gun registry:

“I don’t disagree that on its face, the currently pending legislation does not purport to create a national gun registry.”

Indeed, the bill provides a 15-year felony sentence for any government official who keeps such records.


11 comments on “Cruz Admits Background Checks Won’t Create Gun Registry

  1. momshieb says:

    Oh, good GOD. There is so much wrong here that I don’t know where to begin. It’s not against the law to own a murder weapon and carry it around with you. It IS against the law for law enforcement to keep track of who has one.

    Time to move to Denmark. I’m done.

  2. J. Palmer says:

    Aren’t “mandatory” background checks pretty worthless without a registry to track the exchange of firearms? If you can’t track the exchange, how do you track the background checks that are supposed to accompany the exchange?

    The fact is, records of gun purchases already exist–they just are not centralized. Gun owners claim privacy rights should preclude a national registry, but how many gun owners are private about their weapons. I bet the NRA has a central database of all its members.

    • The check (on criminal past, mental health) is done, and then the info is destroyed, not kept.

      • J. Palmer says:

        Yes background checks are destroyed, but paper records (with personal information of the buyer) of the gun sales are kept by gun stores for 20 years. A de facto, albeit fragmented, gun registry, no?

      • But I guess if we got to the point where we had a tyrannous government that we had all taken to the hills to fight, the gun store owners could destroy their stuff before the government got it. In the case of a national gun registry, the feds would already have it.

    • You’re asking how they know the check was ever done? I’m assuming that undercover cops/agents try to buy guns from licensed dealers and see if a check is done. If not, the gun dealer has broken the law.

  3. J. Palmer says:

    “But I guess if we got to the point where we had a tyrannous government…”

    If we get to that point, gun aren’t gonna help much. Besides, wouldn’t a registered gun fire in that scenario just as well as an unregistered one.

    I find it ironic that people who buy guns to treat their symptoms of fear just end up being more afraid…of the government, of a registry, etc.

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