Paul Ryan — Don’t Even Think About Having an Abortion

“Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan gave a speech Thursday night insisting that Republicans not cave on their opposition to abortion, but he ended up making the case for why abortion should remain legal. ‘We don’t want a country where abortion is simply outlawed,’ Ryan told the Susan B. Anthony List, a group that supports pro-life female candidates. ‘We want a country where it isn’t even considered.’

“That’s the big problem, isn’t it? Just because abortion is illegal doesn’t mean a woman won’t consider it. In fact, sometimes even the pro-life Republican politician she’s sleeping with [Rep. Scott Des Jarlais of Tennessee] will consider it. (Or demand it.) When abortions are illegal, women of lesser means will try to give themselves abortions with household objects, and women of more means will, as Joan Rivers put it in the 1960s, fly to Cuba or Puerto Rico and have “14 appendectomies.” Rivers joked, ‘A friend of mine had nine appendectomies in Puerto Rico but she got lucky and married the doctor.’ Not every girl is so lucky.”  Emphasis added.

Elspeth Reeve, “Paul Ryan Makes a Pretty Good Case for Keeping Abortion Legal,” The Atlantic Wire

4 comments on “Paul Ryan — Don’t Even Think About Having an Abortion

  1. TAO says:

    And many women in the 50’s and 60’s just went to their local illegal abortionist in the US…

    Provide options for the mother to parent even just the first year, and it will make a difference for those who want to parent but can’t due to finances – but that is something Ryan probably wouldn’t want to do. Things like paid mat leave through EI with a job to go back to (you need to be employed and eligible). Canada offers it and it helps – but that would be considered an entitlement.

    • Many women died, and some of them left small children.

      • TAO says:

        Very true – dad talked about it right up to when he passed, about trying to save them when they would come in to him torn up, bleeding and infected. It bothered him something awful and he supported it being legal and safe. Those doctors are mostly gone now so they can’t speak up.

      • I agree that no woman should have to abort for financial reasons. It’s just that for some people, it’s not a financial decision at all.
        I wish all the “pro-life” people would focus more on providing better lives and a brighter future for our poorest babies and children.

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