Quote of the Day

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo on immigration reform:

“Senate Democrats need to start seriously considering whether they’re getting played by the Gang of 8 charade.

“This morning Sen. Schumer (D-NY) said we should expect to see a bill this week. But Senator Graham says more like ‘in the next couple of weeks.’ And the crowd around Rubio is chattering that it may well take longer….

“You start to see what at least some folks are trying to do here. Drag this out, drag this out, drag this out. So as the thing gets bogged down you get the sand kicked in the eyes of the public about who’s on which side and who’s trying to prevent anything from happening.

“Much more of this and it would be silly for Senate Dems and the White House not to just introduce a bill and let the public see who’s for it and against it.”

I would just add that eels think Rubio is slippery.

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