How Low Can Yanks Go?

Tyler Kepner at the NYT thinks the Yanks will finish at the bottom of the A L East — he predicts Rays, Orioles (wild card), Blue Jays, Red Sox, Yankees.

He also predicts that the Nationals will beat the Tigers in the WS, with Stephen Strasburg and Justin Verlander winning the Cy Young awards.


4 comments on “How Low Can Yanks Go?

  1. quinersdiner says:

    Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this, but I’m a Red Sox fan. Last year was a tough one. I hope you’re right that the Yankees are going to have a tough year … no offense.

    • Some of my best friends are Red Sox fans! I grew up in Boston, after all. I wasn’t interested in baseball then at all, but I loved the Celtics. My dad died two years ago, and I was thrilled that he got to see the Sox win the WS twice.
      I suddenly became a Yankee (and baseball) fan during the 2001 playoffs after 9/11, and then just continued the following season as if I’d been a Yankee fan all my life.
      So Jewish girl from Boston becomes a Catholic at 56 and a Yankee fan at 50.

      • quinersdiner says:

        I can understand the Catholic part, but the Yankees? 😉

      • Growing up, I associated the Red Sox with losing (and the Celtics with winning), and I didn’t understand all the energy my father, uncle, and grandfather invested in this pathetic team. I never really learned about baseball. But in 2001, I didn’t just root for the Yankees in the play-offs after 9/11, I read about and studied the game over the winter and by the spring, I was hooked on baseball in general and the Yanks in particular.

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