Yet Another Phony Number

We here at Embattled Farmers want you to make up your mind based on accurate numbers.  That’s why we pointed out that the real sequester number for FY 2013 is about $44 billion (from the Congressional Budget Office), not the $85 billion that keeps getting thrown around.

Today’s phony number is $1.5 trillion, the amount the GOP claims the Dems want to raise taxes.

The Dem budget actually calls for $975 billion in taxes and an equal amount in spending cuts.

Where does the GOP get the extra billions?  By not recognizing that the Dem budget is an alternative to sequestration and assuming that the sequester is permanent.  Under that assumption, you’d have to come up with more than $975 billion, $1.5 trillion to be exact, to pay down the sequester.  But that’s a false premise.

For more, see “Republicans Falsely Claim Dem Budget Increases Taxes $1.5 Trillion,” Brian Beutler, Talking Points Memo

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