Rand Paul’s Dog Whistle

I think Josh Marshall makes an excellent point here*:

“But when Paul used the example of the President ordering a drone strike on someone sitting in a coffee shop or someone at home with their family, I think most people saw this as an outlandish and highly implausible example that nonetheless pointed to a very real issue:  where do the President’s powers stop?

“I’m not sure everybody saw it that way.

“I think there was another audience.  There’s a sizable subculture of folks on the far right — Paul’s political hunting ground, his dad’s political hunting ground — who are still in the mode of the people who in the 1990s were worried about the government sending those black helicopters to take them off to internment camps or take away their guns or whatever else.  Now it’s drones.”

I’m much more afraid of Rand Paul than I am of drones.

* “Rand Paul and the Black Helicopters,” Talking Points Memo

2 comments on “Rand Paul’s Dog Whistle

  1. momshieb says:

    Gotta be honest: I think the idea that the President of the US believes that it is within his power to use drones on US citizens without benefit of any type of due process is the scariest thing I have heard of since I read about Stalin’s Soviet Union.
    If Dubya was the man behind the drone plan, do you think you’d be more upset?
    I find this idea to be absolutely anathema to everything I think of as “American”.

    • I think if you join Al Qaeda, as al-Alwaki did, we can get you wherever we find you. I’m not going to shed any tears over him. I find Kent State to be anathema to everything I think of as American. I find Newtown to be anathema to everything I think of as American. I find the baby who got shot while having her diaper changed in a parked SUV in Chicago to be anathema to everything I think of as American.
      I don’t see it happening here, I think an American on U. S. soil would be captured or killed in a shoot out after a warning, not by a drone. Rand Paul (who scares me a lot more than drones) was talking about something that he made up, and Eric Holder (whom I’ve never really liked as AG and was hoping would leave) didn’t handle it well at all.

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