Paul Ends Filibuster

Rand Paul has ended his filibuster blocking the vote on John Brennan to be CIA Director.

Why doesn’t somebody filibuster to get stronger gun and ammunition laws?  Our kids are bazillion times more likely to be killed by a nut with a gun than Obama with a drone.

And I don’t get this obsession with drones.  On May 4, 1970, the Ohio National Guard shot 67 rounds in 13 seconds at Kent State University.  Four students died and nine were wounded.  Some of them were peacefully protesting the Vietnam War, others were watching the demonstration from a distance, and others just happened to be walking by.

I also feel that Rand Paul and Eric Holder have been talking past each other.  Paul keeps using the example of an American sitting in a cafe in the U. S. and getting blown away by a drone.  Holder made clear that would be an inappropriate use of lethal force.  Where Holder has left the door open a teeny, tiny crack for drone strikes within our borders has been in a Pearl Harbor or 9/11 situation — so an act of war against our country on our soil.  In that case, the President as Commander in Chief would be justified in using any weapons we have to defend against such an attack.

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