Shame on You, Rick Perry

What state has the highest percentage of residents without health insurance?  You might expect Mississippi or Alabama or Arkansas, which usually win these dubious-distinction contests, but in this case it’s Texas.

Twenty-four percent of Texans don’t have health insurance, and the federal government is offering expanded Medicaid that would insure more than one million of them.  Plus, it wouldn’t cost Texas anything for the first three years, and after that, Texas wouldn’t have to pay more than 90%.

You’d think any governor would jump at the chance to have a healthier work force and give kids a better start in life, but if your governor is Rick Perry, not so much.  Because, you know, the Medicaid expansion is part of evil Obamacare.

Somebody seems to be thinking more about 2016 GOP primary voters than about his own citizens.  Very sad, very shameful.

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