Palin Claims Feds Stockpiling Bullets — To Shoot Us

Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook page (hey, she lost her Fox gig, so this is her platform now) that “We’re going to default eventually and that’s why the feds are stockpiling bullets in case of civil unrest.”

Feeling proud of yourself today, John McCain?


Speaking Truth to Crazy

Dem Congressman Keith Ellison called Sean Hannity “the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen.”

Hannity told him, “Congressman, you are a total waste of time.”

Actually, Hannity’s show is a total waste of time, but I watch because I need to know what he and his guests are lying about and selling to those who live in the far-right bubble.

Billionaires and “F” Grades Can Be Good!

In the first election to national office since Newtown, Robin Kelly has defeated Debbie Halvorson in the Dem primary for Jessie Jackson, Jr.’s House seat.  Winning the Dem primary in Chicago means you will win the general, so Kelly is going to Congress.

Kelly had been graded “F” by the NRA, while Debbie Halvorson had an “A” rating.

Mike Bloomberg’s super PAC Independence USA ran over $2 million in ads supporting Kelly, and gun control was really the only issue in the race.

Insane Meets Unconstitutional

The Alaska House just passed a bill, 31-5, that says Alaskans’ guns and ammunition are not subject to federal gun laws.

Wait, it gets better.  The law also says that federal agents are subject to felony charges if they try to enforce any future federal laws banning semi-automatic weapons or large ammo clips or requiring gun registration.

Sarah Palin is not an anomaly, there are plenty more where she came from.

Hey, Mr. Putin, you wanna buy (back) a state?

I Love This

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt  just called the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) the “Star Wars bar scene of the conservative movement.”  What a perfect image!

He made the comment in reference to CPAC’s not inviting NJ Gov. Chris Christie to speak this year.  Schmidt called Christie “the most effective conservative governor in the country” and “somebody that could potentially change the electoral map.”

Schmidt went on to say:  “But I want to set the record straight on something, CPAC is not the Republican Party.”

Well, Steve, CPAC may not be the party, but it certainly has the GOP by the balls.


We Almost Have a New Secretary of Defense

The Senate has voted, 71-27, to end debate on Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense.  That hurdle needed 60 votes.

The confirmation vote is at 4:30 EST today.  He will need just a simple majority for that, and with 55 Democrats in the Senate, he is assured of being confirmed.  Plus he’ll get some GOP votes.

The crazies will of course keep looking for those “Friends of Hamas” until the votes are cast.