Insane Meets Unconstitutional

The Alaska House just passed a bill, 31-5, that says Alaskans’ guns and ammunition are not subject to federal gun laws.

Wait, it gets better.  The law also says that federal agents are subject to felony charges if they try to enforce any future federal laws banning semi-automatic weapons or large ammo clips or requiring gun registration.

Sarah Palin is not an anomaly, there are plenty more where she came from.

Hey, Mr. Putin, you wanna buy (back) a state?

8 comments on “Insane Meets Unconstitutional

  1. But the legislation they are opposing doesn’t “cancel” the 2nd Amendment. You can still have all the muskets you want!

  2. J. Palmer says:

    Can we just stop sending them so much federal aid and be done with Alaska already? Alaska is like the spoiled teenager that demands her parents (i.e. the federal govt.) pay her an allowance, and after she gets more than her brothers and sisters, she defies the parents’ rules.

  3. momshieb says:

    Since the constitution (which I am sure these guys all quote daily) states unequivocally that federal trumps state law, and since we already fought an entire bloody Civil War over this issue…isn’t kind of a moot point?

  4. TAO says:

    Love the end statement – wasn’t Sarah’s claim to knowledge about foreign policy was that she can see Russia from her back porch or something like that – think how at home she would feel.

    I see so much irony in not wanting big government, excessive regulation and controls, except when it comes to a woman’s uterus…then everyone wants to be involved and have a say.

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