Go Ahead and Fly in March

You won’t have to wait longer in line because there will be as many TSA agents on duty.  The sequester begins on March 1, union rules require that federal workers get 30 days’ notice of furloughs, so nobody gets furloughed until April.

And the GOP plan for the continuing resolution to keep the government open that needs to happen by March 27 is to give department heads flexibility to deal with the cuts — so they can cancel conferences rather than furlough employees.

And that talk about teachers getting laid off?  It can’t happen until the next school year because this school year has already been funded, and I’m betting next year will be too.

This isn’t a crisis, this is a lot of BS.   The cuts are small, too small to send us back into recession, and once you give managers discretion over exactly where to cut, instead of forcing mindless across-the-board cuts, the main argument against the sequester disappears.



One comment on “Go Ahead and Fly in March

  1. Very true. But sometimes it’s deeper than others.

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