Quote of the Day

“Exactly where Mitt Romney falls on the ideological spectrum – if he falls anywhere on it at all – is a mystery for the ages. He made some post-election comments, intended for an audience of donors and no one else, that suggest contempt for those who utilize government assistance programs, but mainly he was an opportunist. In Massachusetts, he said what moderates and liberals wanted to hear, and as a candidate for the Republican nomination, he said what conservatives wanted to hear. And as a major party presidential nominee, he was left with almost nothing to say. And now he’s going back to CPAC for a completely unnecessary encore. He’s done running for office and he doesn’t need to pander anymore.”

Steve Kornacki, “It’s OK to stop pretending, Mitt,” Salon

6 comments on “Quote of the Day

  1. Doug says:

    Mitt’s a world class political and capitalist expedient. Going to CPAC not for an encore but to score some more hard right venture capital for Tag’s growing concern.

    • That’s not the CPAC crowd. Lots of college students. And the older people who attend don’t have big bucks for vc, they have enough to buy silly hats and buttons and Newt’s crappy DVD’s.

      • Doug says:

        I agree in the main but I’d be willing to wager there is some mega-church money out and about at CPAC. And you never know which little country church becomes the next Crystal Cathedral. And if Mitt knows anything he knows the power of church money.

      • Mostly I’m just glad I have nothing to do with CPAC this year. I’ve written speeches for the event.

  2. Rawclyde! says:

    Is anybody going to show up for the C-PAC meeting? I wasn’t aware anybody was still interested in what Mitt Romney has to say…

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