Wake Up, Sleeper Cells

I was going to say this is incredible, but actually it’s just Fox News being Fox News.

In a discussion about the TV network Al Jazeera, which is going to begin broadcasting in eight U. S. cities, a contributor on Megyn Kelly’s show, Lisa Daftari, said it was especially scary that Al Jazeera is going to Detroit, which has “an ex-pat community of Muslim-Americans where sleeper cells have been detected.”  So Al Jazeera is going to broadcast messages to the sleeper cells!

First, if anyone’s planning to destroy Detroit, I think we already beat them to it.

Second, how can you be a Muslim-American “ex-pat” in Detroit?  You can be an ex-pat in London or Paris, but an American can’t be an ex-pat in America.  Oh, wait, I forgot, Muslim-Americans aren’t really Americans…

3 comments on “Wake Up, Sleeper Cells

  1. philowitz says:

    Maybe the implication is that Detroit isn’t really America.

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