Giving Myself a Little Pat on the Back

On 1/29/12 at 4:10 P. M., I wrote in reply to a comment from Harris Jordan:  “I predict Ted Cruz will self-destruct.  Y’all read it here first.”

Today, Politico has a story, “Ted Cruz comes out swinging” by Manu Raju, that basically says what a flaming asshole this new Tea Party senator from Texas is and how some colleagues can’t stand him:

“Sen. Ted Cruz lost his voice a couple days ago.

“Some senators probably wish it wouldn’t come back — at least for a little while.

“In six short weeks since he became the junior Texas GOP senator, the no-nonsense freshman has quickly become a lightning rod…upending the Senate’s conventional ways, in which freshmen typically work quietly to build bridges with their colleagues.”


2 comments on “Giving Myself a Little Pat on the Back

  1. You should give yourself major pats on the back, regularly! You’re right the vast majority of the time!

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