Keep the Crazies Coming

You have to hand it to Karl Rove, the Rasputin of the GOP who refuses to die, to have the chutzpah to go back to the folks whose $300 million he flushed down the toilet in 2012 and ask them for more for his new Conservative Victory Project.

Rove wants to use his new group to keep undisciplined, tactless radicals like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock from getting nominated and make sure that more circumspect, less voluble radicals are chosen.  He doesn’t want to change policies so much as personalities.  His preferred nominees would still do everything in their power to keep rape victims from having access to abortion, they just wouldn’t make outrageous comments about it.

The GOP civil war is portrayed as a battle between the Tea Party and the Establishment, but I don’t see where their platforms differ.  It’s more about identifying candidates who clean up pretty, who don’t chafe at putting on their sheep’s clothing long enough to get elected.

Much as I hate to see the ignorant and the insane given a national platform, I hope the Tea Party types win this war.  We need the Akins and Mourdocks to infuriate us so much that we donate money and volunteer and show up to vote for the reasonable choices.

Until the GOP moderates its positions, I don’t want them to succeed in positioning their faux moderates.


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