I’d Hate to See a Crappy Job

WH press secretary Jay Carney said — with a straight face — that Chuck Hagel did a “fine job” in his Senate hearings yesterday.  I’m never playing poker with Carney.

I think the strategy was for Hagel to take the blows and not argue.  Hagel has a reputation for being “prickly,” and I assume they decided it wasn’t smart to respond to the GOP pricks by being prickly.  So Hagel ended up looking weak and, frankly, not real bright.

3 comments on “I’d Hate to See a Crappy Job

  1. The concern is that he WILL restrain Israel, that he’s not supportive enough of the Israeli right wing.

  2. momshieb says:

    But didn’t John McCain look like an ASS? All I could think of was, what if this guy had become President?

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