Maureen Dowd Sounds More Like Peggy Noonan

Obviously, I’m very relieved that Mittens won’t put his hand on the Book of Mormon and take the oath next week, while his entitled princess bride looks on smugly.  But, mostly because of Newtown and my sense that we are not going to seize the moment to seize military weapons and ammo, I’m not as excited about the Inauguration as I thought I’d be on election night.

Maureen Dowd (“Takes One to Tango,” NYT) isn’t feeling very upbeat either:

“But the cost of W.’s misbeggoten wars and his mishandling of the economy overwhelmed Obama’s first term.  And Obama underwhelmed on traits everyone thought he’d excel at:  negotiating, selling, charming, scaring, bully-pulpiting, mobilizing, dealing with Capitol Hill and, especially, communicating.  It’s taken the White House four years to develop a coherent message:  Pay your bills.

“We’re facing default.  Again.

“We’re mired in partisan trash-talking.  Still.

“And despite the tragedy of the children riddled with bullets in Newtown, Conn., no one is expecting any consequential fixes to our absurdly lax gun laws.”

I too have felt that Obama hasn’t ‘splained often and well enough.  But the bottom line is that if you’re a GOP congressman more worried about a primary from the right than the general, Obama could be Demosthenes and it wouldn’t make a difference.

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