Hagel Will Be Confirmed

NY Sen. Chuck Schumer issued a statement this morning that he will support Chuck Hagel’s nomination to be Secretary of Defense.

Schumer met with Hagel at the White House for 90 minutes (the first senator Hagel met with, and Schumer isn’t even on the Armed Services Committee), and got what he needed in terms of assurances on Israel, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, gays in the military.  Schumer also got some face time with the Prez.

Hagel told Schumer his “top priority” would be drawing up military plans to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.  He also said he doesn’t support negotiations with Hamas or Hezbollah unless they renounce terror and recognize Israel’s right to exist.

It’s now a done deal.  Hagel has checked all the boxes.  From here on out, all the neo-cons can do is embarrass themselves on a losing mission.

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