Thanks, Morons

Thank you to the morons who don’t get their children vaccinated for making this the worst year for whooping cough in the U. S. since 1955.

Since you all seem to think life is better without these vaccines, why don’t you go live in the third world and let the rest of us — and our children — enjoys the benefits of twenty-first century life?

2 comments on “Thanks, Morons

  1. TAO says:

    I think the problem is that people of this generation never witnessed what life was like prior to vaccines, combined with an ego that makes them believe they know more than those trained for years to understand medicine.

    I asked dad in the 90’s (who started doctoring in 48) what he thought was the greatest medical breakthrough since becoming a doctor. I expected the MRI or some other piece of technology. His answer: The Polio Vaccine…because of the millions of people it saved from contracting that dreaded disease. He didn’t even stop and think about it which was unusual for him.

    Whooping cough – it wasn’t a concern when I grew up because every child was vaccinated against that…and you can bet we received every single vaccination available and on time.


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