Was Adam Lanza Afraid of Being Committed?

The latest reports say that Nancy Lanza was in the process of becoming Adam’s conservator so that she could have him involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility, that he had become aware of this, and that his shooting of her and the Sandy Hook victims was in response to his fear of being sent away.

The reports also say that Mrs. Lanza felt she couldn’t handle him anymore, that she was feeling desperate.

As for why he chose the children he did, there are also reports that he believed his mother loved the school and those children more than she loved him.  Apparently, she had volunteered in the Kindergarten last year, and those children were now the first graders he slaughtered.

3 comments on “Was Adam Lanza Afraid of Being Committed?

  1. Roni Jordan says:

    It adds up in a twisted and tragic way.

  2. Maybe she didn’t think he was a threat to anyone except himself or perhaps to her. And maybe, on some level, if she saw him as a threat to her, she didn’t care. Maybe she couldn’t live with him any longer, but didn’t want to live if he killed himself and she felt that she had failed him. Think of how alone she really was. It doesn’t seem as if the father, who lived nearby, was involved in her struggles with Adam. Her brother, who is in law enforcement in NH and could have been helpful, said he hadn’t seen Adam in a decade. Adam’s brother Ryan said he hadn’t talked to Adam in a couple of years, so I don’t know if that meant he wasn’t talking to his mother either. I see her as so isolated and getting so little emotional support or practical help as Adam apparently got worse and worse.

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