The Only Rule for Writing

I have read many articles and entire books on how to write, but really it all boils down to one rule, to three words — Make us care.

Some writers find it easier to make us care about their characters, others to make us care about the story.  Of course the best writers succeed in making us care about both.

11 comments on “The Only Rule for Writing

  1. Good advice. I may not always succeed but when writing darker stories I strive to make them feel disturbed. If I can do that, I feel I’ve succeeded in making a decent horror story.

  2. Dead on. And to the point. : )

  3. thetalkinghangover says:

    nah, the best advice is to write well, whatever its about. that and ignore other peoples opinions. which means mine too.
    i’ve read many books where i dont care about the characters or the story but the words themselves were interesting and well written so i carried on reading. did it make me care for them? er.. dunno. i dotn really view it in that way.

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