The Sickness in the GOP Harms All of Us

The NYT‘s Andrew Goldman did an interview with right-wing nut job Dinesh D’Souza for the Sunday Magazine.  Goldman asked him “What’s the scariest thing that’s going to happen?” in Obama’s second term.  D’Souza responded:

“The scary thing is a dramatic erosion of American position in the world — its economic, military position, as well as America’s influence.  Obama is not the man at the wheel desperately trying to conserve American power, influence and wealth.  For ideological reasons, he wants the slipping to continue. He’s actually the architect of it.”

This kind of thinking and talk, which consumes Fox News and right-wing talk radio daily, is the cancer on both this presidency and this country. 

It’s not your garden-variety argument for GOP policy as opposed to Dem policy — it’s the argument that we have a president who hates America, who is actively working to make this country less powerful and prosperous, a president who is in fact the enemy of the people he leads.

Until the GOP purges itself of this demented sickness and becomes a loyal opposition with some emphasis on the “loyal” part, the GOP can’t fix itself and we can’t fix our problems.  It’s the D’Souzas who are the threat, not the President.

Even if you don’t read or listen to this poison, even if you don’t believe it, it’s hurting you and your family.

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