“Job Creators” –That Lying, Orwellian Phrase Fox New Loves

From “In Talks, G.O.P. May Have To Just Say Yes,” Robert H. Frank, NYT:

“That realization appears to have led some Republicans to resurrect their time-honored claim that because many top earners own small businesses, higher top tax rates would severely compromise job creation.  But that argument flies in the face of the basic cost-benefit test that governs rational hiring decisions.  As every economics textbook on the subject makes clear, a business will hire additional workers whenever, and only whenever, their contribution to the bottom line promises to exceed their pay.  If that criterion is satisfied, hiring makes economic sense, no matter how poor the business owner might be.  And if it isn’t, no hiring will occur, even if the owner is a billionaire.”

Since it doesn’t sound good to oppose raising taxes even slightly on the rich, Fox News doesn’t call them “the rich,” they call them “job creators.”

But this economically false notion prevents us from having an honest debate about what’s fair for the top two percent of earners to pay.


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