Post-Election, Mitt Reverts to Guy in 47% Tape

Moderate Mitt from the debates is gone.  Now that he’s lost, Mitt has returned to the persona he’s most comfortable with — the one we all saw secretly recorded at the Boca Raton fundraiser where he railed against the 47%.  That’s really who he is, and that’s really how he feels about his country.

Mitt had a conference call today with hundreds of his donors and fundraisers.  One of them let the NYT listen in!

Rather than criticize himself, his campaign, and/or his party for their loss, Mitt blamed it on Obama giving “free stuff” to young people, African Americans, and Hispanics.

I’m no longer young, and I’m white.  I voted for Obama because I thought his policies were fairer and truer to who we are as a people, not because I was getting free stuff.

If I had just wanted to vote my own economic interest, I would have voted for Mitt.

2 comments on “Post-Election, Mitt Reverts to Guy in 47% Tape

  1. TAO says:

    An honest man accepts that his actions or choices were wrong – a coward places blame on anyone but himself…

    You don’t need to approve this – just delete it or strip it out – I saw this letter linked to on another blog and have no idea who the author is, but enjoyed it (fair warning language alert) about why he and his wife who should have been low-hanging fruit for the GOP voted for Obama.

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