Petraeus to Testify Friday

Gen. Petraeus will testify on Friday in a closed-door session before the Senate Intelligence Committee about the Benghazi terror attacks that left four Americans dead, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

So much for the phony right-wing outcry that he resigned as CIA Director when he did to avoid having to testify.

I’m sure Fox News will apologize for misleading their viewers…

2 comments on “Petraeus to Testify Friday

  1. amunaor says:

    Let the cover-up begin! What no one is talking about is that Stevens was running guns for CIA which in turn was supplying them to al-Qaeda elements…remember the same crowd that was fingered for taking down the twin-towers and building-7? This being the case both Stevens and the CIA should be brought up on charges for aiding and abetting the enemy! The entire rogue status under which the CIA operates should be exposed! I suspect CIA/Mossad subterfuge was afoot, which has now been translated into a manufactured sex-crime, for which spy chief Petraeus is now forced to parade before the corporate lens with his pants down.

    Obama’s not in charge, the head of the CIA/National Security State calls the shots. We should focus on the CIA, not Obama.

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