Two Words from the Election Results — Patience and Contradictions

I’ve been reading thousands and thousands of words about the election results, but I come away with two — patience and contradictions.

Obama won because voters were willing to be patient with him about the economy.  They realized that we had an economic meltdown, not a garden-variety recession, and so we weren’t going to have a garden-variety recovery.  More voters still blame Bush for the current economy than blame Obama.  And people vote trend more than current conditions.  The economy is getting better, albeit slowly.  This patience won’t last till 2016, but that’s Hillary’s problem.

Mitt lost because aside from that patience with Obama, he was stuck with his party’s contradictions.  They said they wanted to save Medicare by destroying it (that worked really well with those villages in Vietnam).  They said we had to drastically cut Medicaid and food stamps, but we could easily afford more tax cuts for the rich.  They said we needed more personal responsibility, but not when it came to expecting Americans to buy health insurance.  They said they wanted to get government off our backs, but they had to get government into our vaginas with their ultrasound wands.

The GOP talks about being “common sense conservatives.”  They make no sense at all, common or otherwise.

One comment on “Two Words from the Election Results — Patience and Contradictions

  1. Harris Jordan says:

    I say we’re entitled to gloat until Friday night after the Bill Maher Show.
    Then we have to step up, be civil and show Romney’s followers that we have the dicipline and patriotism to work with political opponents for the greater good of the country.
    If they don’t accept the olive branch, and continue to spew the Mitch McConnell, Hannity, Coulter, and Limbaugh venom, otherwise known as bullshit, then we’ll have to play hardball and urge Obama to use the bully pulpit to shame these evil people into submission and urge all thinking people to banish these fools, politically, economically, philosophically and intellectually.

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