People Who “Want Stuff”

Bill O’Reilly is grumping that Obama won because of people who “want stuff.”

Actually, Obama carried eight of our ten richest counties.  In Marin County, CA, our third-wealthiest, O got 74% of the vote.  These aren’t people who want stuff, these are people who have stuff.  What they want is freedom from nut-job extremists.

One comment on “People Who “Want Stuff”

  1. danielfee says:

    The Bill O’s statement is the one that really bothers me because of the underlying racist meaning it conveys to the Republican base. I have already heard it repeated several times by Facebook friends who don’t think they are being racist. But it is the same message that Reagan sent with the “welfare queen.” Of course the majority of the people that are receiving some type of government assistance are white. I looked at this issue closely for one of my posts about the 47% and what I found is that the top 10 states that had the highest non-payers of federal tax were mostly the red states that voted for Mitt. They were MS, GA, AR, AL, TX, LA, and ID. The blue states were NM and soon FL will go to Obama. I didn’t get into the state by state breakdown of the TANF and SNAP programs, but I will bet they follow the same pattern. So of course there is no factual basis for O’Reilly’s statement (not that there ever is) so it is meant to imply that those minorities, blacks and Hispanics, are what cost the white guy the presidency.

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