More Good News

Crazy Congressman Allen West of Florida lost to Patrick Murphy.

Ignorant Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois, who opposed a “life of the mother” exception to an abortion ban because he said women’s lives are never threatened by pregnancy, lost to Iraq War vet Tammy Duckworth, who lost both her legs while serving as a helicopter pilot there.

And Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin will become the first openly gay member of the U. S. Senate, having defeated Tommy Thompson.  I was thinking of you, Butters, when I wrote “openly.”

Is this a great country or what?

2 comments on “More Good News

  1. Roni Jordan says:

    To quote my son, “I love the smell of democracy in the morning.”

  2. danielfee says:

    I have had to suffer for the last 2 years with Alan West as my Congressman because people didn’t show up in 2010. West knew he would get his butt kicked if he ran for reelection in this district. (The Democrat pulled 53.5%). So he cut and run to what he thought would be a safer district for him. The only bad thing is he will probably get a job on Fox which will give him more air time to say stupid things. Oh well, but at least he is not my representative.

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