Why Mitt Was Campaigning in Pennsylvania

Poll workers in PA are allowed to ask for Voter ID, but it is not required to vote.  Talking Points Memo reports on how well this ridiculous policy is working out:

“Voting and civil rights activists said Tuesday that Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law was causing mass confusion across the state as people tried to go to the polls.

“Because of a judge’s ruling in October, the law attempted to walk a line by allowing poll workers to ask voters for photo identification while also giving voters a big loophole to cast a regular ballot without it.

“The Election Protection’s coalition voter hotline here began lighting up with complaints soon after polls opened. Some voters said they were upset about being asked for photo identification. Others said they had been turned away because they did not provide it.

“’We’ve definitely gotten reports about voters being turned away,’ Eric Marshall, co-director of the Election Protection coalition, told TPM. ‘We’ve had reports of people who have shown up, been asked, and when they didn’t show ID they were turned away.’”

I’m guessing these people who were turned away are not rich white people.

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