Politico: Mitt Loved Christie Before Christie Loved O

Politico is reporting* that Chris Christie was Mitt’s first choice for Veep, but that Mitt delayed announcing his choice and changed his mind either during or immediately after his disastrous trip to Europe and Israel.

The story is based on unnamed “campaign insiders.”  The fact that Mitt’s people are talking about this now, rather than, oh, maybe on Wednesday, tells me that they know they’ve lost.  The wheels came off the McCain campaign at the end too.

* “Exclusive:  Christie was Mitt’s first choice for VP,” Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei

4 comments on “Politico: Mitt Loved Christie Before Christie Loved O

  1. momshieb says:

    Chris Christie will never think of anyone but himself; he’s all about Obama now because it makes him look good going into the next governor’s race (and maybe 2012?).

  2. danielfee says:

    Can you imagine what last week would have been like if Christie was the VP with Romney? If he came out with the same statements praising Obama then the Romney people would have freaked out (even more so than now). And if he slammed Obama when it was clear to everyone that Obama was on top of situation and proving everything a governor could ask for, then it would have looked really bad politically for the Republican ticket. It would have been fun to watch. But I enjoyed having the keynote speaker of the RNC giving Obama the props he deserved. Also, Christie deserves props for stepping up and doing the right things for NJ and taking politics out of the recovery efforts to help his residents.

    • He’s not taking politics out, he’s helping himself. To a large extent his fate and political future are in Obama’s hands.
      It certainly would have been a delicate dance if he’d been the VP.

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