Allred Has MA Court Date Wednesday

With respect to that “October Surprise” about Mitt from Gloria Allred, Radar Online reports that Allred has an emergency hearing scheduled on Wednesday at Norfolk County Probate and Family Court in Canton, MA.

Allred will attempt to unseal sworn testimony from Mitt in a prior case and to lift a gag order so the parties can speak.  She represents one of the parties to that prior case.

HJ in MA, what are you hearing?

2 comments on “Allred Has MA Court Date Wednesday

  1. Harris Jordan says:

    Something about a “Schwarzenegger type affair” with a former maid, but details are “etch a-sketchy.”
    He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke; so what does he do?
    Anything money can buy ; and money has always bought silence.
    But no specifics or smoking guns have been revealed and with All Redd’s reputation for the dramatic, anything is possible.

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