Romney Campaign Flips Again on Gay Marriage

This is getting sooooooo tiresome — the Romney campaign’s apparently taking a more moderate position at a moment when it’s likely to get a lot of attention and then quietly walking it back, counting on fewer people hearing about their reversion to a more extreme policy.

We’ve recently seen this on Mitt’s supporting abortion for the “health” of the mother, and then the campaign saying no; Mitt supporting health insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, and then the campaign saying only if they have had continuous coverage, which was already the law before Obamacare.

In the spin room after the last debate, Mitt’s spokesperson Bay Buchanan (yes, she’s Pat’s sister) said that Mitt favored leaving gay marriage up to the states, that it was a Tenth Amendment issue.  This seemed to be a softening of Mitt’s position supporting a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in all states.  Now she’s taken that back, saying Mitt supports the constitutional amendment.


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