Ryan “Photo Op” Charity Being Punished

It’s well known that Romney and Ryan want to cut government aid to people who are struggling.

Now they’re messing with private-sector charities as well, the groups they say should bear the burden.

Since Ryan was outed for his photo op washing already-clean pots and pans at a St. Vincent de Paul dining hall in Ohio, right-wing types have been complaining to the director, withholding donations, and urging the community to do the same.

St. Vincent de Paul does wonderful work for those dealing with financial set-backs and crises, helping people get back on their feet with meals and cash for stuff like apartment security deposits, the difference between a child going to sleep hungry in a car or with a full tummy in a bedroom.  I’m a long-time and enthusiastic supporter of the one in my county.

It breaks my heart to think that they’re being punished for Ryan’s callous and condescending behavior.  Ryan needs to be punished at the polls.

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