Grace Under Pressure

Joe Biden did a great job tonight saying what Obama should have said, and the Obama campaign is back on track.  Now Obama just has to keep it there.

I wasn’t really worried that Biden would have a gaffe, and he didn’t.  I was more worried about the age contrast.  When you have two candidates who are a generation apart, you wonder if the younger guy will make the older guy seem over the hill, or if the older guy will make the younger one seem callow.  Tonight it was clearly the latter.

Biden was passionate, engaged, energetic, fluent, and forceful.  He came across as authentic and sincere, as someone who speaks from the heart.

I always think of Mitt as Eddie Haskell, and tonight Ryan was Eddie Haskell, Jr.  He was slick and smarmy.   He seemed over-rehearsed.  He’s turning into a robot like Mitt. He was his far-right self, and so he raised doubts about that Moderate Mitt we saw last week.

My favorite moment was his Dan Quayle, deer-in-the-headlights look when Martha Raddatz asked if those who support abortion rights should be worried if he and Mitt win.  The correct answer was “Well, duh!,” but Ryan refused to answer it directly, sputtering about unelected judges versus elected representatives deciding.  How about women deciding for themselves, how about that?

Martha Raddatz did a great job.

If only the Yankees had won tonight…

3 comments on “Grace Under Pressure

  1. Harris Jordan says:

    I agree with everything you said. Now, we can hope only that Obama continues on track with a sound debate next week. He must call out Romney’s lies even if he is “impolite”. Romney has no trouble interrupting and obfuscating the truth sprinkled in with a severe case of prevarication and a total lack of specifics using platitudes like “framework” and “our five point plan” which lacks details to the nth degree.
    Obama will tell the truth, but he must make himself heard by the people like Biden was heard last night.

    And, I hope, even as a Red Sox fan, because the Red Sox were as dysfunctional as the Republican Party last season, that they win their current series and go on from there to give us great baseball in the post season as is their tradition.
    May God bless America and may God bless Joe Biden!

  2. Patti Kuche says:

    24hrs later and the Yankees won tonight, better late than never, as indeed with the campaign. The Obama campaign needs to mount that surge, ride the wave and take it the whole way past the post!

    Congressman Ryan’s closing statement, eye to eye with the camera, was high school speech night and rehearsed to perfection. I suspect he gave the Eddie Haskell a good run for his money!

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