Mitt the Psychopath

I watched the debate late last night on the West Coast and decided to sleep on it before posting.  I’m posting this before reading any media commentary, which I will greedily do as soon as I’m done.

I expected my title to be “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” and to call President Obama for not pointing this out, for comparing Mitt to harmless Emily Litella (Never mind on adding $5 trillion in tax cuts to the deficit).  I couldn’t believe that the President dutifully spoke to the issues of Medicare, taxes, deficits, etc., but didn’t address the big picture, the big story, which was not any specific issue, but Mitt himself.

But after sleeping through a nightmare, I awoke feeling a little more charitable toward the Prez and a lot more terrified about Mitt.

What we saw last night was truly a charming psychopath, a Ted Bundy.  I think the President failed because he was shocked by this, and I can’t blame him.  He couldn’t exactly say to Jim Lehrer, the hall audience and the nation, “Um, excuse me, but is it just me or am I up here facing Ted Bundy?  Who the hell is this guy?”

Last night, Mitt was the clever, charming psychopath luring women he meets in a bar.  He was Moderate Massachusetts Mitt, likable Mitt.  He had nothing whatsoever to do with his party, with Cain, Bachmann, Santorum, Gingrich.  He had nothing whatsoever to do with the Mitt who won the nomination.  The guy we saw on the 47% tape, the private, real, resentful Mitt, was the guy who dismembers those women when he gets them back to his apartment.

We think of Mitt as not having a core, but last night he was a man without a conscience.  Rather than an insatiable lust for murder, Mitt has an insatiable lust for power.

To the extent Mitt was likable last night, we should be all the more afraid of him.  Anybody who gets taken in by that act deserves to end up a dismembered body in his freezer.

I’m going to go read what everybody else is saying, but I’m not going to change my mind about this.

7 comments on “Mitt the Psychopath

  1. TAO says:

    I watched too and saw nothing in Mitt that makes me change my mind – rather it reinforced that he cannot be trusted to ever speak truthfully.

    I have a thought on what the strategy is behind the President not taking Mitt to task as forcefully as some would like it. My thoughts: the President is just giving Mitt enough rope to hang himself – and then hammer him in the next debate based on his words in the first debate which don’t hold up with any of the numerous previous views Mitt has held.

    BTW: I didn’t think Mitt won – his facial expressions were pathetic when the President was speaking (trying to “look” empathetic (fail), and his smirk when he thought he said something clever. Let alone his whines to the mediator when he wasn’t get his fair share.

    • I think Obama was genuinely stunned by the Mitt who showed up. I think he wasn’t prepared for all these new positions and was caught off guard.
      You are a much more high information voter than many of the 60 million who watched. I’m sure many of them found Mitt believable because they just haven’t been paying the kind of attention you and I have.

  2. Patti Kuche says:

    Last night’s debate left me with the very queasy feeling that Mitt thinks he knows how to handle the Help. The fact that Obama IS the President gives me hope that by the next debate Obama’s authority has Mitt back in his bumbling place.

  3. Ralph says:

    Mitt is the perfect example of the “entitled white man” Its mine! I am entitled! So he had no problem walking right over Lehrer looking Obama right in the eye and lying about his plan. The only real olan is its power and money at whatever the cost to others or the environment

    • His facility at lying is pretty chilling. I think the Prez was taken aback by it. After all, we do have tape these days, you can’t just change overnight as Mitt pretended to.
      Mitt’s performance should inspire some contrast ads from Obama — contrasting Mitt with Mitt.
      When Lehrer kept asking the candidates if there were differences between them, I wish Obama had said that there are dramatic differences between Mitt and Mitt.

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