Ryan — No Time to Explain Math, Plenty of Time to Lie

After Mitt campaigned in Ohio telling middle class people not to get too excited about his proposed across-the-board 20% tax cut because he’ll also be taking away deductions and exemptions, his running mate is now telling people to pay no attention to that stupid guy at the top of the ticket who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Ryan is saying that besides that 20% rate reduction, middle class families will get to keep deductions for their charitable giving, mortgages, and health care.  Have your cake and eat it too!

Look, the whole thing was already shaping up as not deficit neutral, as Mitt had promised it would be, and this just makes the numbers not add up even more dramatically.  At some point, you have to admit that you’re going to raise taxes on the rich (I don’t see Mitt doing that!), you’re going to raise taxes on the middle class (way more likely, but Mitt doesn’t want to say so), or you’re going to increase the deficit (I expect a lot of that too).

They can’t really reassure the middle class without admitting that the deficit will go up.  And if they admit that the deficit will go up, they can’t criticize Obama on his increase in the deficit.

For more, see “Paul Ryan retreats deeper in mathematical fantasy,” Greg Sargent, The Plum Line, WaPo:

“By seeming to take some middle class deduction off the table, Ryan made the math even more hallucinat0ry.  This might be good politics — Ryan is getting more specific in promising not to raise middle class taxes — but it further confirms that Romney and Ryan have completely jettisoned deficit neutrality as a goal of their plan, and that they are selling people a fiscal bill of goods that doesn’t pass the laugh test.”

I hope Obama really sticks it to Mitt on this tomorrow night.  And then Biden can go after Ryan next week.  These two BS artists need to be called out for what they are.

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