Good Luck with That!

From “Ringside with Romney,” Robert Costa, National Review Online:

“Romney’s advisers have a simple [debate] strategy.  They want their candidate to balance his finely tuned arguments with personal warmth.

“During prep sessions…, Romney has worked tirelessly on the stylistic aspect of his presentation, and Romney’s advisers predict that the former Massachusetts governor will come across as both presidential and empathetic.”

I predict that he will come across as neither.

3 comments on “Good Luck with That!

  1. TAO says:

    So they think they have taught him how to act – but even if he does a stellar job acting Presidential or empathic – do they really think people will buy it?

    The whole “zingers” concept they have been touting just reminds me of how school yard bullies act…

    • I can’t imagine him doing a stellar acting job, so I don’t even get to the point of wondering if people will buy it. But, no, I don’t think people would buy it because we have him on video when he’s among fellow super-rich people doing his “47%” routine. People know that’s the real Romney and anything else is scripted, rehearsed, and phony.

  2. Harris Jordan, Esquire says:

    I totally agree with the blogger:

    The American people have already seen who Willard Romney really is. Anyone who has seen the 47% tape knows who Willard Romney really is.

    Before Judges allow wiretap warrants to issue against certain suspects, law enforcement must convince the judge through sworn affidavits that probable cause exists that criminal activity is afoot.

    In the case of The American People vs. Willard Romney, the American People got to see “the evidence” against Romney without a warrant, but rather with a secret taping by a “Dirty Harry”, who acted without a warrant, on his own initiative.

    If you recall the Dirty Harry movie which is lore, Harry was chastised by his superiors for taking short cuts and violating the constitution of the United States and the fourth amendment.

    Harry saw his actions as reasonable under the circumstances. And in the end, the bad guy got what he deserved.

    Every red blooded American knows what Willard Mitt Romney deserves:

    The presidency of the United States of America is not the correct answer.

    This man, who is running for the presidency, not out of patriotism or a true belief that he should be the leader of the free world, but rather out of ambition and a sense that he can “pull it off” as the biggest prize of his otherwise charmed and privileged life.

    I hope tonight shines the brightest lights posible on this fraud of a man and signals the absolute tipping point to his end.

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