A Golden Opportunity

What I see as a campaign-ending disaster — the Romney 47% video — Rush Limbaugh is calling a “golden opportunity” to explain conservatism!  I think you only see this as a golden opportunity if you’re someone used to eating off golden plates.

The GOP consistently tries to portray Obama as somehow unAmerican.

But really what could possibly be more unAmerican — and patently untrue — than someone who believes half his fellow citizens see themselves as victims and refuse to take personal responsibility for themselves?  That is the antithesis of who we have always been as a people and who we are today.

You could only think such a thing if you’re totally cut off from normal working people — as are both Mitt and Rush in where and how they live — and exist in a bubble of fellow extremely rich people.

This is indeed a golden opportunity, a golden opportunity to re-elect President Obama in a landslide.

4 comments on “A Golden Opportunity

  1. Patti Kuche says:

    Truly a golden opportunity as you say! As long as people remember to get out and vote . . .

  2. TAO says:

    The new Voter ID laws that are springing up all over are troubling but it appears the courts are doing their jobs in some states. PA Supreme Court just sent it back to the lower courts with pretty strong language. One can only hope to many aren’t disenfranchised – although the voter purges scare me as those were people who voted prior and likely to vote again.

    The mindset of “I’m not going to worry about ‘those people'” just is something I will never understand. Mitt should have to go live on the amount someone gets off welfare for a month. No mansion, selection of cars, no housekeeper, yard people, jets, buses – just try to find housing and food for a month. Not so easy – not something to be excited to live on.

    I was trying to figure out if the 47% is registered voters, or age 18 plus, or households, and in reality any of those figures excludes the children so doesn’t it tally up to more than 50% of Americans being deemed “not worthy of worrying about”?

    • By 47% he was referring specifically to people who will definitely vote for Obama and can’t be persuaded otherwise, so he was talking about voting adults. In terms of actual people, I’m sure it would be more than 50%.
      I am encouraged by what is going on in the courts to protect voters’ rights, but I’m still not comfortable that everyone who wants to vote and is entitled to vote will be allowed to do so. The GOP has been working hard the past couple of years in a number of ways to suppress the votes of those whom they consider “undesirables.” Even if laws are struck down, I’m sure they will still try to get the false word out that you can’t vote if you don’t have certain ID.

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