Are the Coptic Christians Fall/Front Guys?

Morris Sadek is a Coptic Christian living outside Washington, D. C., who lost his Egyptian citizenship this year for anti-Islam activities.  On September 4, he emailed a link to “Innocence of Muslims,” to a newspaper reporter in Egypt, Gamel Girgis.  Girgis covers Christian Egyptians living abroad and had an ongoing relationship with Sadek as a source for stories.  Sadek told Girgis he produced the video.

At first Girgis didn’t want to write about the video, but Sadek pushed him, and on September 6, Sadek published a three-paragraph story.    The next day an Islamic web forum referenced the Girgis article, and more newspapers began writing about the video.

But there wasn’t much attention until Sunday the 9th, when a Salafist TV station showed part of the video.  Then Facebook pages popped up, calling for protests on September 10.

Then these planned protests became the story, widely reported in newspapers on September 10.

So the protests began in Cairo on September 11 and quickly spread all over the Muslim world.

For more, see “Anti-U. S. outrage over video began wit Christian activist’s phone call to  a reporter,” Nancy A. Yousset and Amina Ismail, McClatchy Newspapers

What I want to know is if the production and publicizing of this video is strictly the doing of Egyptian Coptic Christians living in the U. S., or if there are ties to the American political right.  Is this just about religion or is it about politics, specifically the presidential election?  Are the Coptic Christians we’re being told about just fall/front guys?

One comment on “Are the Coptic Christians Fall/Front Guys?

  1. Harris Jordan says:

    I wouldn’t put it past Romney to try something like this but I don’t think he’s intelligent enough to hatch the plot himself.
    Other nefarious operatives with more skill at political sabotage could be at work here.
    Whatever the case Obama had better figure this crap out and right the ship.

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