Not The Onion, the Wall Street Journal

The WSJ has an op-ed called “Corporate Cronyism Harms America,” written by Charles Koch.  Yes, that Charles Koch of the Koch Brothers.

I try to read the spectrum of political and economic views, but I can’t do this one.  I just wish I had a birdcage that needed lining….

3 comments on “Not The Onion, the Wall Street Journal

  1. twissblog says:

    The trick when reading the WSJ–when you get to the second-to-last page of the front section, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and hurl it into a blazing fire without reading the op-ed section. You may need to set something in your house on fire first, but it’s worth it.

  2. Roni Jordan says:

    I’m on the comp list of the WSJ because of my work in advertising, but I seriously thought today about asking them to remove me. Even the letters to the editor give me agita.

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