Bush v. Gore II?

Ohio is critical for both President Obama and Mitt.  It might well decide the election.

So the fight over early voting there is especially unsettling.  Last time, about 100,000 ballots were cast in the three days before the election, most of them for Obama.  The Democrats have won a lower court federal ruling in favor of maintaining those three days  that the GOP has been trying to cancel.

The dispute may result in an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court.  Their decision could determine the outcome not just for Ohio, but for the whole country.

Just what we need, another Bush v. Gore.  I’m still angry about the first one.

2 comments on “Bush v. Gore II?

  1. TAO says:

    Somehow I doubt the Ohio Supreme Court will be looking to kindly at any request for an injunction after the Gov’s antics of stating he wasn’t going to comply with the Judges order. I loved the summons to appear the Gov got from the Judge and how he had to publically back-track…

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