This Is What You’ve Got? Really?

Former NH Governor and Mitt surrogate John Sununu claims that the Obama campaign is lying about the price of the Tracy Reese dress Michelle Obama wore for her convention speech, which they said was about $350.

Whatever it cost, it was so much chicer than Ann Romney’s frumpy, fifties $2,000 Oscar de la Renta.

UPDATE — Tracy Reese has said that the dress, which was custom-made for Mrs. Obama, will soon be available for the rest of us and will cost less than $500.

2 comments on “This Is What You’ve Got? Really?

  1. TAO says:

    Sununu needs to retire – every time I have heard him speak lately he makes a fool of himself. No idea if that is a long-time issue or not.

    Petty remarks lead the listener to assume the speaker is desparate.

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