The Clinton Convention

I think the most significant speech of the convention was far and away Bill Clinton’s.

He said things that neither Biden nor Obama could say without sounding as if they were whining or making excuses.

He said things that wouldn’t have had the same impact if they’d come from a senator or a governor.

Clinton stood there with the aura and authority of a former president, someone whom everyone knew had serious clashes with Obama during the ’08 campaign that left deep wounds and resentments.  It really meant something to have him come out and make the anti-Mitt, pro-Obama case in such blunt and aggressive and stark terms.

Biden’s speech was more impressive and powerful than I expected.  He gave the speech that only he could give as the Veep working closely with Obama, just as Clinton did from a different perspective.

I thought Obama’s speech was fine, although not his finest hour.  I think they chose to be subdued rather than grandiose given the state of the economy.  The speech got better as it went along and built to a strong finish.  He certainly made a convincing case that even if you’re not thrilled with him, you sure as hell don’t want to vote for the other guy.

Overall, about as good as the Dems could have done or hoped for this week.

One comment on “The Clinton Convention

  1. elroyjones says:

    I always enjoy listening to Clinton but, for me, Obama scored a game saving 3 pointer that was “nuthin” but net”.

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