Were Mitt’s Returns Stolen? Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please.

From the Associated Press:

The Secret Service says it’s investigating the reported theft of copies of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s federal tax records before 2010. A letter sent anonymously to Tennessee political and newspaper offices demanded $1 million to prevent their disclosure.

“Romney’s accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, said there is no evidence any Romney tax files were stolen. The letter said the returns were stolen in late August during a Watergate-style break-in at the company’s accounting offices in Franklin, Tenn.”

If I had copies of Mitt’s returns (note to Secret Service, I don’t), I wouldn’t be thinking about money, I’d just want to get them up online. 

Just because you’re a thief, doesn’t mean you can’t be a patriot.  If you have them, post them.


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