Off to a Great Start

The Dems had a great first night.  It was nice to see delegates who actually look like this country instead of all the pasty faces at the GOP.  The music was a whole lot better, and the crowd was enthusiastic and moved.

It was a night of excellent speeches.  Michelle Obama was just wonderful — very powerful, very personal.  She wore a glamorous dress, as opposed to Ann Romney’s June Cleaver 50’s shirtwaist.

Fired-up Deval Patrick, over-the-top Ted Strickland, earnest Julian Castro — all very effective in building the anti-Mitt, pro-Obama case.

Comparing Tampa and Charlotte, it’s clear who “The Other” is in this election, and it’s not the guy in the Oval Office.

It was a pleasure to hear some truth after all the lies of last week.  It was a pleasure to be addressed as a middle class person with genuine concern rather than condescension.  It wasn’t Bill Clinton’s night yet, but there was a lot of “We feel your pain,” as opposed to the “We’re pretending real hard to feel your pain, but it’s tough when you’ve been rich your whole life” we got in Tampa.



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